Is an on-premises or hosted PMS that provides integrated channel and rate management; extensive reporting; and support for single locations or multiple properties. Hotels can leverage consistent information across properties and execute a distribution strategy for all hotels in the group.

  • Rate and availability management available for all channels, including branded websites
  • A shared database makes changes in one location instantly available to other properties
  • Easy-to-use interface lowers training costs for new properties and ensures that new staff is quickly up to speed
  • Integrated sales management establishes sales processes and monitors success based on performance
  • Flexible finance/revenue attribution modules support complex ownership models
More information about IDPMS can be found on our website.

On-line Help
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Remote Support Client
When directed by our Support Team, please downloaded our Support Client for: Microsoft Windows Client or Apple macOS Client.

In case directed by our Operations Team please run this installer on your server:
Microsoft Windows - Service Installation

Release Notes
IDPMS versions will be deployed through the OnPremiseUpdate mechanism that was introduced in version 3.16.4. Hotel chains and multi-property environments are not automatically updated and are contacted by our Technical Support to plan the update. Release notes with the details about new functionality and fixes in versions will be placed below to download.
Current released IDPMS version is

The IDPMS Hardware and Installation requirements only applies to installations where the systems are dedicated to Amadeus software. It is not recommended that other mission critical software applications are installed on this hardware. In the exceptional case that they are, these specifications may not be sufficient. Please contact your Account Manager for a custom recommendation or for larger installations.

Comply to PA-DSS Standards
This document describes the steps that must be followed in order for your IDPMS installations to comply with Payment Application – Data Security Standards (PA-DSS). The information in this document is based on PCI Security Standards Council Payment Application Data Security Standards program (PA-DSS version 3.2).

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